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Initially formed in 1992, the firm is dedicated to the prompt resolution of claims in favor of our clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In cases where trial is elected, our attorneys bring to the courtroom exceptional skill and decades of experience.

Our list of corporate, insurance, self-insured and public sector clients reflects the success of our litigation approach and our clients' satisfaction with the results we obtain at reasonable cost. We listen carefully to our clients and we strive to serve as advisors and problem solvers and to immediately and effectively respond to emergencies. Our attorneys and staff provide needed liaison services with regard to the identification and enlistment of reliable rehabilitative, investigative, medical and other expert resources. We provide timely and comprehensive advice regarding opposing counsel, physicians and experts and likely jury composition in the various jurisdictions located through the National Capital Region.

O'Connell & O'Connell, LLC serves as regional counsel for numerous nationally recognized insurers, self-insurers, third-party administrators and corporate entities. As such, we understand the importance of litigation management and billing guidelines, are dedicated to the early and accurate analysis of a law suit and are committed to working with our clients to establish and implement goals and strategies. We are similarly committed to the preparation of and adherence to litigation budgets and are well versed and compliant with task based billing practices, the UTMBS Litigation Code Set, e-billing requirements, the use of legal audit services and other litigation management tools. We are proud to be an invited member of the Council on Litigation Management (formerly the Council on Ethical Billing).

The firm's moderate size and the depth, breadth and length of our experience enable us to provide personal and individual service to our clients at reasonable cost, while maintaining a professional presentation and work product that often exceeds that of larger, more costly competitive firms.


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